The Support Struggles you find in Life.

Colourful, hand drawn and painted image showing the head and shoulders of a person, with a block of flats and some smaller human figures in the background. The image contains text that reads 'ticking box to fit funding’, fighting to get my own flat and spaces with council’, ‘cant choose my life where wanna live’, freedom, but have to fit everything into support hours’, ‘people support workers telling me what to do like, when to cook, to take meds’, ‘fighting to have freedom in my life’.
‘The Support Struggles you find in Life’. (95 x 85cm. Mixed media on paper) - Ria.

‘The Support Struggles you find in Life’.  (95 x 85cm. Mixed media on paper).

I made this piece because I am struggling to have the freedom of my life and having to fight to get the freedom I want.  As a care leaver it is hard to find the right placement to live, we either get put in not very good housing and struggle to get a new placement and better support network. I have to write a timetable for my daily activities every week to give to staff which is not good for my independence and privacy. This artwork expresses my frustration with the care system.

Ria, 2021.

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