‘Not Going Anywhere’ is a Disability Art exhibition in Yorkshire, led by the lived experiences of Disabled People, and is for, everyone.  

We asked people to respond ‘creatively’ to the following themes;

  • Disabled people in the lockdown.
  • Living disability experience(s).
  • T’ social model (in Yorkshire).
  • Accessibility.

The exhibition includes a range of work, paintings, drawing, collage, film, photo, poetry and sounds that explore these themes in detail.  There are 15 pieces of art shown from 11 artists, plus one community organisation with multiple artists.

The exhibition will be presented in two ways, from 1st December 2021, until the end of February 2022.

The first will be an online gallery here at sidbaility.netThis presents all the submissions visually and with text descriptions.  

The second will be at York Explore, Central Library https://exploreyork.org.uk/york-explore/ on a large wall space in the café area. This is presented together in a sort of photo wall mosaic, clipped together and hung as a large piece.  

View the ‘Not Going Anywhere’ exhibition here.

Image of artworks from the exhibition

‘What is your defination of disability? Soundscape.
‘Soft Rain’, (film) – Accessible Arts and Media.
lose up image of lower part of the large wheel of a wheelchair. On the floor are several silhouettes of toy soldiers. In the background is a disabled bay parking sign, crossed out. The word ‘Closed’ is printed in red diagonally across the whole image.
‘Closed to Us’ (A4 photo with collaged and digital elements). Alfie Fox.

A very big thanks to all the artists that have contributed to this exhibition.

We would love to know what you think. So if you’ve anything to share, suggest or just want to connect with us, email – tar@sidbaility.net.