Tunnel of No Ending

'Tunnel of No Ending' (A4 digital mixed media print) – Kerry Fox.

‘Tunnel of No Ending’ (A4 digital mixed media print). Digital rendering using installation of Education, Health and Care Plans. During the pandemic local authorities only had to rely on ‘reasonable endeavours’ in order to support children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities for many the support disappeared and transitioning to adulthood was nothing… Continue reading Tunnel of No Ending

The Lanyard

The Lanyard. Charley Perryn 2021. I wrote this poem to capture the relationship I have with the sunflower lanyard and the challenges and blessings it brings during the Covid 19 pandemic.

It hangs around my neck, I am exempt from wearing a face covering It says. I have an unseen disability! I can’t wear a mask. I am autistic. As  I have sensory processing Difficulties, The mask feels like its Cutting into my face Like a knife, it’s extremely painful! And this sensation causes panic…. And… Continue reading The Lanyard

Wheelchair (Battles)

‘Wheelchair (Battles)’. (A4 photo with collaged and digital elements) – Alfie Fox.

‘Wheelchair (Battles)’  (A4 photo with collaged and digital elements). Photography and digital art battles for access.  Alfie Fox, 2021. Alfie Fox is a disabled artist whose artwork explores the subject of access and inclusion for people with disabilities and incorporates the difficulties he has personally faced as a young man with multiple disabilities.

What is your definition of disability?

‘What is your definition of disability? – (Zine, Soundscape, Act) - Vickie Orton and Nicole Murmann.

‘What is your definition of disability? – (Sign, Zine, Soundscape, Act) During November 2021 Vickie Orton and Nicole Murmann stood, and sat, on a busy shopping street in Leeds holding a large cardboard sign written in black capitals asking “What is your definition of disability?” Vickie is older and a wheelchair user and Nicole has… Continue reading What is your definition of disability?

There’s Chuck, Where’s Chuck?

‘There’s Chuck!’. ‘Where’s Chuck?’. (A5 photo and text) – Tina M.

‘There’s Chuck, Where’s Chuck?’ (A5 photo). I first met Chuck in the York Explore library, and then all over York.  He would be walking about, with two sticks decorated with ribbons and brightly coloured materials. Chuck and I would always have a good chat about being alive, exciting memories and other stories from his walk… Continue reading There’s Chuck, Where’s Chuck?

The Support Struggles you find in Life.

‘The Support Struggles you find in Life’. (95 x 85cm. Mixed media on paper) - Ria.

‘The Support Struggles you find in Life’.  (95 x 85cm. Mixed media on paper). I made this piece because I am struggling to have the freedom of my life and having to fight to get the freedom I want.  As a care leaver it is hard to find the right placement to live, we either… Continue reading The Support Struggles you find in Life.

Soft Rain.

‘Soft Rain’, (film) - Accessible Arts and Media.

‘Soft Rain’, (film). Soft Rain is a song that was learnt by Accessible Arts and Medias participants throughout Facebook Live sessions during lockdown. Hands and Voices usually have at least one performance a term and because of lockdowns we weren’t able to do this, so by filming a song or two, this gave the participants a… Continue reading Soft Rain.


'Indifferent' (48 x 13 cm digital mixed media print) – Kerry Fox.

‘Indifferent‘  (48 x 13 cm digital mixed media print)  A comment on the indifference of the ‘system’ to people with disabilities from the use of DNR’s during the start of the covid pandemic to the crisis in the care system, the failure to provide an equal education, the inaccessible towns and cities, the move backwards in… Continue reading Indifferent.

I am fine.

‘I am fine’. (A3 digital mixed media) – Alice.

‘I am fine’. (A3 digital mixed media) The idea is to represent a framed picture that would hang in a gallery, ‘exhibiting’ the lived experience of a family in lockdown negotiating between a child in care many miles away and the care providers. I am the mother of ‘LG’ who grew up in Yorkshire until… Continue reading I am fine.

Good, Good, Good.

‘Good, Good, Good’, (film) - Accessible Arts and Media.

‘Good, Good, Good’, (film).   Good Good Good is a song written by our Inclusive Music Projects (IMPs). IMPs is an accessible music group for ages 11-21 for all abilities. They meet weekly throughout term time and through lockdown they met on zoom. During lockdown, they were talking about things that made them feel good and… Continue reading Good, Good, Good.