Clinical Frailty Scale

Image of 'Clinical Frailty Scale'. A a4 pen drawing of the back of a cat, with various swirls and colours making up the fur and shape of the feline. Colours include muted oranges, browns, pinks and greys. Within the shapes, quite small are the words, 'burden', 'worthless', 'isolated' and 'forgotten'.
‘Clinical Frailty Scale’. (A4 pen on paper) – Abi Bubb.

Clinical Frailty Scale’ (A4 pen on paper).

Little publicised and discussed is the way by which support and equipment would be prioritised by the NHS if they became overwhelmed due to COVID-19. The clinical frailty scale is the way by which doctors decide who to give treatment to. As a person who needs help with dressing and washing (due to my disability), I’d be assessed as “Severely Frail” and score a 7 (1 is “very fit”- 10 is “terminally ill”). This puts me pretty low down on any priority list, irrelevant of the fact that I’m healthy with no other risk factors. The contribution disabled people make to society seems to be irrelevant and my life could be put at risk purely due to my disability. This art piece is my response to the implementation of this scoring system. I’m an independent person, much like a cat, and from first appearances a “normal”,  non-disabled person. But look a bit closer and you will find how this has made me feel and the impact on my life.

Abi, 2021.

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