Image of a black gun shooting the word, in a single line of thick black paint 'indifferent'.
'Indifferent' (48 x 13 cm digital mixed media print) – Kerry Fox.

‘Indifferent‘  (48 x 13 cm digital mixed media print) 

A comment on the indifference of the ‘system’ to people with disabilities from the use of DNR’s during the start of the covid pandemic to the crisis in the care system, the failure to provide an equal education, the inaccessible towns and cities, the move backwards in disability rights during covid 19.

Kerry Fox, 2021.

Kerry Fox is a Mother, Carer, Artist  whose work highlights the bureaucracy involved with the system of educational needs, social care and health for those with disabilities and their families.She founded SAVE SEND Services North Yorkshire campaigning for better services for children and young people and was part of the SEND Action group that took the government to the high court in 2019. 

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